Lingus - Mariana Zapata

I'll start by saying that the only reason I read this was because of this reading list on BookLikes:


And I'm really glad that I did because despite the cover, which I'll admit put me off quite a bit, I really enjoyed this story. I totally get the cover now too after reading it.


To put it bluntly one of the main characters is a porn star and our lead female meets him at a porn convention (I didn't even know these existed! Maybe it's more of an American thing since I've never heard of them in the UK). And they meet and get along famously. From there it's a series of meetings and get-togethers with other friends that eventually leads to something more and I LOVED IT!


I'm a sucker for a good romance with an interesting plot and this certainly had that. I loved Triston. And Kat. And the rest of the gang, including the dog!


If you like a funny read with sex toys, romance and crazy friends then this would be the perfect read for you.