Sinjin (The Bryn and Sinjin Series) - H.P. Mallory

When I started this I had no idea that it was a sort of follow on from the authors Jolie Wilkins series, and since I've only read one of them I had no idea about a lot of what had happened previously. That being said, it wasn't necessary to read them as such but it would have helped with background info on the characters.


I liked Sinjin and his flirtatious behaviour towards Bryn. I would have enjoyed seeing more of him and Bryn and for her to actually give in instead of fighting him tooth and nail over her attraction to him.


And from that ending, I have a feeling that something quite big is going to happen in the next one and Sinjin will probably hunt her down using the blood connection and maybe end up bedding her?


I do look forward to the next one.