Going Under

Going Under - S. Walden

3.25 stars.


I liked a lot of this book and there were some bits that I just didn't quite get.


I liked that she was so hell bent on getting justice for her friends and all the other girls. I liked the banter she had going with Terry. I kinda liked the relationship with Ryan, though it seemed to appear out of nowhere after the funeral scene (or maybe I just missed a bit). And though it's wrong of me to like it, the scene with the swim team practise--I thought the author portrayed that really well.


I wasn't so keen on the way she acted with the FSL, I know there was a reasoning behind her behaviour but it did seem to get their attention for the right reasons in the end. Her crazy talking to Beth scenes...I know she's super torn up over her friends death but it's a little too much for me.


I'm just kinda torn over this book because it wasn't entirely comfortable reading at times, knowing what the guys were up to and what she was planning to let happen. But in the end justice prevailed and she got the guy.