The Vampire Games

The Vampire Games: A Dystopian Paranormal Romance - Stephanie Archer

*I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

The beginning was a little rocky, I didn’t know what was happening and the style of how it was written felt a little awkward. By the quarter point it had smoothed out a little and I could read it easily and quickly.

Being the sucker that I am for romance books, the first hint of something, even the slightest hint of something, gets me excited. So that meeting of gazes had me smiling like a loony. I like my paranormal romances. From then I was scouring every page for more interactions between Bianka and Phillip. I quickly fell into their story. I was kind of on tenterhooks near the end wondering what she was going to choose.

The other part of the storyline; the fights, was an interesting take. It reminded me of The Hunger Games in the sort of “kill or be killed” way but this is with vampires so it’s all a little more intense. It was also filled with political undercurrents of the vampire society.

I loved the names the author came up with for the fiefdoms: Twilight Falls, Dawn Hold, Nightfall Keep…they just make me think of dark places but at the same time they sound pretty cool, right?

I liked some bits a lot more than others, but I do think I’d be interested in continuing the story at some point in the future when they’re released.

If you like paranormal romances or vampires or dystopian, maybe all three, then you’ll probably like this.