The V-Girl

The V girl - Mya Robarts

*I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

2.5 stars.

It was all rather dark and sexually violent--and not in the good way of dark romances.

I loved the romance aspect of it, the one between Lila/Lily and Aleksy. It was so sweet at times! The other bits just seemed too much for me after a while. The way she wanted to not be the V-Girl but how she was determined it was to be taken by someone she cared about--Rey--only he wasn't entirely receptive to the idea. And then having that same thought process again and again. I kinda wanted to hit her a little when she couldn't make her mind up between the two guys.

It was the rest of the storyline I didn't really gel with. There was always a lot going on, most of it dark and violent. Some of it was political, most of it sex-related. Lots of sex related things happening in this.

Anyway, the reason I requested this book was down to the cover and the description. That is one amazing cover! And the description was pretty promising but at the risk of repeating myself, it was a little too dark for my tastes in its topics.