The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

Sci-fi is not one of my favourite genres, unless it has a good, solid romance in it. This one didn't.

But I have this thing where if I have the paperback and the movie version is coming out soon that I have to read it first. This is probably something I'd enjoy more as a film than simply reading about because the continual changing of viewpoints without being told whose viewpoint it was got annoying after a while. The first time was a real head spinner since you had no warning but further on when it starts going between three or four people and you have to read so far in to figure it out...nightmare!

One thing I will say for the author though, is that he can write some really good action/fight scenes.

This really wasn't my sort of read but if you like alien invasions, then this'll be right up your street.