Light of Kaska

Light of Kaska - Michelle O'Leary I liked this.

It's my second story by the author, the other being The Huntress which I loved.

I'm not entirely a fan of sci-fi stories but Michelle has this way of weaving a tale that is heavy on the romance while still being very sci-fi/fantasy, and since I read books for the romance aspect most of the time they are right up my street.

I came to like Chase Stryker from early on and Sukeza grew on me the more she protested against his capture. Reading about their evolving relationship was great and I was urging them to stop being stubborn and just get together.

The relationship between Harle and Chase was fun to read about too. I'm used to reading about the relationship between female friends but the friendship between those two had me chuckling at times.

The synopsis didn't give much away with how this story would play out but I really enjoyed the journey over the three main places mentioned in the book and could picture them in my head.

I look forward to reading more books by the author.