Archangel's Kiss

Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh 4.5 stars.

I didn't get the same wow...! feeling after reading this as the first but I did really like it at the same time.

The relationship is still as hot between Raphael and Elena in this as the first and this time they are in the Refuge so that Elena can learn how to be what she now is. We learn more about the nightmares that haunt our favourite hunter and see more into Raphael's past, which was interesting.

We don't see much of her best friend and fellow hunter in this, Ransom and Sara, and in a way I missed them. They grew on me in the first, but since Elena wants to go home at the end of this, I'm assuming they head back to New York in the next and we'll see more of them again.

I have to say I still like Illium--a.k.a Bluebell--and this new side we see to him in this only makes me like him more. I would love to see his wings! And Elena's since they seem to be along the same colours. In fact, I need visuals of everyone's wings because they all sound incredibly beautiful!