Anointed - Maggie Mae Gallagher

The cover grabbed my attention straight away when I saw this in the Netgalley catalogue. You should know by now that I like a good cover.


Then comes the story... Well. I read books for the romance aspect and it took a little too long, in my opinion, for anything even slightly romantic to happen. Yeah, I get she's on a mission to save the world and everything but surely she's allowed a little fun? Nevertheless, when it did happen. Phew! It was scorching. The attraction between Alana and Gaelen was hot from the very first meeting...and his eyes! The only problem with their attraction is that they don't particularly like or trust each other so they fight it, which results in some hot scenes.


There was a lot of description, which I will honestly say bores me to death sometimes and I skip over large areas. In this I scanned it, looking for important stuff that I might need to know.


It had a fair share of location changes; going from London to Wales to Italy to Ireland, as Alana hunted for the items and the information she needed to stop the demons from coming through the rift.


Not really for me, but if you like Urban Fantasy, lots of description, or some steamy sex scenes and attraction then this is probably for you.