Not for me.

The Princess - Melissa Silvey

The author got in contact with me last year and asked me if I'd like to read and review one of her books. I agreed, wanting to help her get the word out and picked The Princess and she gifted me the book.


I started reading it almost straight away and at the start I got caught up in it. But after a while I lost interest in the storyline because of how slowly it was all playing out. A quarter of the way in (out of 306 pages) and she was just marrying him.


I have this thing where, unless I'm really into the story that I don't like long books. I'm almost not a fan of a lot of description (I know most readers ask for it, but not me. I tend to skip over whole paragraphs if it doesn't interest me).


That's not to say it was bad, the book has four 5 star reviews on Goodreads. It just isn't really my sort of book. If I'm going to read something intrigue-y, I want something to be happening all the time. If I'm reading a romance, I want to fall in love along with them and I didn't.


After giving it another try about ten minutes ago, and still not getting into the story I'm finally giving in at 27% and DNF'ing.