Silence  - Becca Fitzpatrick

Well first off let me say that it must have been a good 5/6 months since I read Crescendo, book 2 in the Hush, Hush series and with the number of books I get through in a month, I'll admit I'd forgotten a lot of what went on in the first two.


However, this book was kinda perfect in that respect since I felt like Nora with her amnesia and got to relive a lot of the first two books as she did.


I still love Patch and think he's one of the best things about the series. There's just this bad boy/kick arse vibe going on with him that I find a


And let me tell you, some of the scenes in this between him and Nora are scorching and getting hotter, especially now she's aged a year.


I'm going straight onto Finale so I don't have the same problem I had between books 2 and 3 as I don't think the last book will be as co-operative plot wise.