The Heart of Texas  - RJ Scott

This is the first MM Romance book I've read where the couple got married, and it was at the beginning so seeing "his husband" every so often seemed a little strange to me. I'm sure the next time I read one where they're married that it wont.


Let me say that if this had just been from Riley and Jack's POV's I would have gladly given this five star because of the hot scenes and the romance between them. There was one scene early on in the book at a party that gave me shivers. *Fans self* Jack Campbell...phew!


But the book kept switching view point and I wasn't entirely a fan as sometimes it could take a bit to figure out who's viewpoint it was. (There must be at least seven different ones.) I know they helped us see every part of the story come to a head but it drove me crazy at times as I was more interested in what was going on between Riley and Jack. Therefore I've rated it down a star and half.


I was not a fan of Riley's dad or brother. Neither came across as very nice and the brother, Jeff, was the worst. Ugh! I wanted to punch him in the face several times from his comments and actions. He was so not a nice guy.


I look forward to reading other books by the author!