Shattered Glass  - Dani Alexander

This caught me early on, probably the first page actually when Austin met Peter and his bunny slippers at the diner. I was instantly intrigued at what was going to happen between these two. When Austin left and phoned his fiancé I was like, "WTF?". How could he react like that when he was engaged to a woman?!


Nevertheless, I loved Austin's obsession with Peter (and the bunny slippers!) and was jumping for joy when he came to his senses regarding his marriage and more or less stalked Peter at the diner resulting in some fun scenes between them and maybe a few upsetting ones too.


The story quickly evolved into something much more complicated with Peter's background coming to light and that of his "brother" Cai. So very complicated but intriguing.


One thing that got me a bit was Austin's stupid comments when he needed to be serious causing a lot of trouble between him and everyone. Ugh! I wanted to smack some sense into him a lot of the time. And as for Peter; all the lies!? Why?


It was a good story, if a little too complicated trial wise, and I really liked it. I look forward to reading more books by the author.