Avoiding Temptation

Avoiding Temptation (Avoiding, #3) - K.A. Linde

I was really looking forward to reading this; I couldn't wait to find out who Lexi ended up with. Jack or Ramsey. Hmm.


Well I've been Team Jack since book 1. Okay so he was far from perfect throughout the series but he always knew that he was bad news for Lexi and f**ked up a lot. But there was just something about him and in this I think he really brought it altogether and sorted himself out to be the man that Lexi deserved.


That's not to say that Ramsey was a bad guy. He was sweet and caring but I didn't feel it between him and Lexi as much as I did with Jack. I didn't see Lexi fitting in with his world, and I was right up to a point.


It took me a long time to read this as I'd forgotten about the whole "Past" and "Present" thing it had going on during the chapters, and it drove me potty just wanting the "Present" so I could see the here and now and Lexi trying to come to a decision about who she ultimately wanted.


I enjoyed it and think it was quite a good ending to the series.