Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I read a few reviews of this after I started it. I was starting Chapter 3, I think, and really enjoying it. It was the spark between Alex and Aiden. Anyway, I saw a lot of people were comparing this to Vampire Academy Well I loved the Vampire Academy series and I did see some similarities between the two: kick arse, heroine and older guard she has feelings for; school for teens; love triangle aspect, three classes of power...but it WAS different.


As mentioned above, I loved that first meeting of eyes in the first chapter between Alex and Aiden, I just knew something was going to happen between them, though it was forbidden. It was kinda slow to start with but it was nice to read it happening. The odd touch here, a look there. Awww. I'm a sucker for even the slightest chance of romance.


Then there was Seth...Well in (possible)--cos nothing's happened yet--love trianglesi always want the girl to go with the first guy. And I still stand by that. Seth might be all powerful but I don't feel anything between him and Alex. So, they spark off each other, literally. I don't care. In this one I'm Team Aiden!


I have to say I liked Alex. She may have struggled with the training and all the news she found out about herself but she was strong throughout it all. In the end, she pulled through and kicked arse.


I am so going to have to buy the second book so I  can figure out what's going to happen next relationship wise for Alex (and to figure out what's going to happen when she turns 18, of course).


(Team Aiden, Team Aiden... ;D)