The Bronze Horseman - Paullina Simons

2.5 stars.

Reading this on Scribd probably wasn't the best idea ever. Having to sit at my computer for god knows how many hours while I read all 800+ pages...

It started great, I loved Tatiana and her first meeting with Alexander...but then it went downhill from there when it turned out Alexander was the guy her sister had been seeing. It got progressively worse for me when she decided to end whatever blossoming thing they had as she felt she would break her sisters heart if she got together with him instead. This continued for almost half the book, which drove me mad--it was pretty repetative, especially considering it was set during the war and they might not live to see the end of it.

People changed over that time, lots of people died. I think one of my updates quite clearly captured this:

"Really driving me mad now :( You're sister is not a nice person anymore, Tatiana. If anyone deserves Alexander it's you for still being the same person you were at the start of the book, the same person that Alexander fell in love with. I hope, beyond everything, that you break your promise so that he has a reason to call things off with your sister so you can be together!!!!"

The ups and downs every few % did my head in. One minute they were kissing and saying nice things and the next they were shouting and arguing with each other.
I thought it would improve after the halfway point when they finally leave Leningrad but it continued for another 10% or so. I was expecting them to do the deed and then be all nice and happy. And this was the case for a while. Eat, have sex. Swim, have sex. Wash up, have sex...Repetative once more.

By the 70% mark, after reading each page word for word--and after almost a month of reading--I just wanted it over with and skimmed the remaining 250 pages. I got the gist and though I was happy they got together in the end I can't say I'm interested in finishing the trilogy. Really, stupidly, long books are not for me.