Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf - Selena Blake

So this one takes place away from the bayou, unlike the others in the series and Burke heads to somewhere secluded. A cabin in the mountains. Only it's blizzard conditions!

He almost crashes into another car and after skidding to a stop he goes to investigate and sees the young woman passed out in the seat. He decides to help her out and takes her with him to his cabin. Over the days he spends with her she gets under his skin as she tells him the tale about how she ended up where she did. The whole romance was rather slow building and it wasn't all sex, sex, sex.

One thing I did like was that Kendall, having come from somewhere a lot hotter--can't remember what state--had never seen snow.

So the scenes with the snowman building and snowball fight were nice additions to the story.

It was also nice to see the rest of Burke's family at the end.