One Small Thing - Piper Vaughn


So Rue finds out he's going to be a dad after a one night drunken thing with a girl and he wants the baby. On sight he falls in love with baby Alice.

And she's treated like a Princess by her daddy and Uncle Dusty. It's so cute!

There's only one problem. Rue needs to go back to school so he can have his dream job as hairdresser. After scouring day-cares and finding them lacking he posts an ad in his building looking for a baby-sitter.

In comes Erik, his neighbour. Erik is fairly shy, he doesn't like change and large crowds but after meeting Rue and his baby daughter he's drawn to them and offers his services.

It was such cute reading for the first 40% or so when they're interacting with Alice, the awkwardness but the love she receives from her daddy, uncle and Erik.

I don't want to go into too much detail in case it spoils it for you but over time feelings change and a sweet romance blossoms between the two main characters.

Alice grows up some.

As usual in books there was some conflict that our characters had to deal with and for that. I had many of these moments

And then of course:

But all ends up good, so I'm one very happy person right now.
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I'm interested in reading Dusty's story too, off to hunt it out on Scribd :D