Abel (Shattered) (Phoenix Club #3) - C.J. Bishop

So I finished this a little before midnight last night. Once again I was caught up in the emotions of Abel and Devlin and really felt their pain. It seemed so cruel that the actions of one man could ruin their entire relationship.

In relation to Kaplan, I'll admit that I softened towards him just not enough for me to enjoy reading the various sex scenes between him and Abel (In fact, I skipped some altogether). It just seemed wrong to me. But he's a nicer guy than I first thought. And I'm intrigued by the thought of something happening (again) between him and Max.

As for Cole and Gabe it always seemed kinda obvious that they would get together properly instead of just hooking up every now and then. They're good for each other.

Back to Abel and Devlin. I'm glad that they finally ended up talking to each other, without someone running off in despair, and got everything out in the open. As everyone kept pointing out throughout: they are great for each other and so in love.

And I must confess that, although I could barely see through my tears, I really liked the ending. It was different but so good. I was waiting for an unhappy, throw my kindle at the wall, ending but it all turned around so quickly and nicely and I was wearing a big smile by the end.