Tangled - Emma Chase

4.5 stars. 5 for Drew and his witty commentary to, us, the reader. 4 star for the rest of the story.


This was fun at times and seeing everything from a male POV was new to me. It was entertaining.


So let's start with Drew. He started off as a bit of a d*ck really but seeing him change as his feelings for Kate developed was really nice and by the end of it--after all the swoon-worthy stuff he did--I have to admit that, like Kate, I fell for him too.


And then to Kate. From the start she seemed like a perfect match for Drew, both work-wise and relationship-wise, and seeing the sparks flying between them was fun.


When they finally hooked up I was grinning like an idiot. And then it was like boarding a roller-coaster with all the ups and downs my feelings and emotions went through as I equally willed them to get together and for Kate to smack Drew or something. I don't think it was an easy ride for any one of us (Drew, Kate or me) for that last 40% or so. I just kept urging Drew to do something!


I loved the pictures the author had added to the story. They added a fun angle to what was being described; the drink for example.


I certainly think I will be continuing the story at some point :)