Unleashed (Mistress & Master of Restraint) - Erica Chilson

Huh...well I enjoyed the first book in the series more, it had a more compelling storyline for me (4.5 star worthy!).


This, I kinda had to read to see if Katya got her HEA after the events of the last book but it all got a little twisted for me.


There was so much sex in this compared to the last and for me, and I think for the story too, it was unnecessary. Everyone was with everyone (or it seemed like it anyway).


I was only really interested in the relationship between Ezra and Katya (and Cortez, I guess, though not as desperately as the first two) and a lot more than that happened. Weddings, fights, sex...


If this is the sort of thing that's going to continue throughout the rest of the series, then I'm not sure I'm interested.