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I'm Leanne, I'm 24, and like to read anything as long as it has some romance in it, be it YA, NA, M/M, Historical, Dystopia, Paranormal and Urban Fantasy. I'm a self-published author too.


I don't always write the best reviews but I try and get my feelings across about the books I read.


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The Virgin Romance Novelist

The Virgin Romance Novelist - Meghan Quinn


This is the second book today to make me cry. They were really pushing it at the end there and I was starting to panic, thinking I'd be staying up even longer (currently 2am) to buy and start reading the second book in this series just to see what happened with Rosie and her love interest but it all worked out in the end so yay!

I'm looking forward to reading The Randy Romance Novelist soon.


Endless - Jessica Shirvington

Christ, I am an emotional wreck after that ending. I had at least one tear running down my cheek continuously for a good 70 of the last pages of this book. Heartbreak on several counts, which I won't go into because they're spoilers.

This is a brilliant mature YA series!! Off to start the final book and it better have a good, happy ending!!!!


Bloodlust - Helen   Harper


I feel a little cheated with that ending but at least Mack and Corrigan got their HEA. Woohoo! A good ending to the series, despite my feelings. I mean, it couldn't really have ended any other way.

I look forward to reading more books by the author.

Blood Politics

Blood Politics - Helen   Harper

Ugh!! Why!? It was all looking so promising. But even I have to admit that she was the perfect choice, its just a shame that it comes at the expense of the thing I've wanted since book one. Huh... typical. I'm so hoping that everything gets resolved in the last book and Mack and Corrigan can do the whole HEA thing finally.


Bloodrage - Helen   Harper

It was good to finally have the mystery surrounding Mack's, erm, how to put it, her...biology? The is she a mage? Is she a shifter? Is she a bit of both? question answered in kind but I'm assuming we will get the full answer in the next book, so of course I'll be buying it as soon as this review is posted as with the previous books.


P.S. I'm also impatiently waiting for the Mack/Corrigan thing to happen properly.


Bloodmagic - Helen   Harper

I wanted more romance.

I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the first one. I wanted more Mack and Corrigan time but it was still pretty good. I wanted more tension, more flirting, more...romance. Nevertheless, I will be buying book 3 as soon as this review is posted to continue this series and I'm really hoping that the training won't be taking five years because that's a loooong time.


Bloodfire - Helen   Harper

Read in one sitting

This was recommended through Goodreads based on my other reads and since it was a freebie, I thought, why not? And downloaded it. And then read it in one sitting. I was completely pulled in from the beginning and this thing she has going with Corrigan has definitely got me intrigued.

I'm even going to buy book 2 and start it right now, even if it has gone 1am. Who needs sleep?

The Moon Dwellers

The Moon Dwellers - David Estes

DNF @ 16%.


Four days in and I've only read 16%? That just shows how not into the story I am. If I was I'd have finished it by now. Maybe even managed to read two books.


I struggled from the start, I didn't gel with the style or the storyline and the changing of viewpoint from one chapter to the next just annoyed me.


It might just be that I wasn't in the mood for a dystopian story or I just might not like it at all. Either way I wont be coming back to it.


Emblaze (Embrace) by Shirvington, Jessica (3/5/2013) - Jessica Shirvington

This series is so mature considering Violet's age. It's brilliant!


I can't wait to see whether Violet and Lincoln will figure out the soul-mates thing. What's going to happen with Phoenix? What's going to happen after that ending?


Luckily I can find out, because I'm going straight into book 4!

Hyde and Seek

Hyde and Seek - Layla Frost

I dunno how I feel. 2.5...3 stars? Either way I liked the start, up until about the half way point, it was bad boy biker/mechanic and young, innocent baker coming together with an instant combustible attraction and I liked it quite a lot, though Jake's growling and controlling ways were annoying after a while.

It was the second half of the story I wasn't so keen on. The sort of rush to their relationship--the engagement--and the stalker. Now I know that we need some sort of dilemma in a story but it didn't work for me in this. And then who it actually turned out to be was a shock. I certainly didn't see it coming.

I liked Kase so I may have to read the second book in this series at some point.

A Demon Bound

A Demon Bound - Debra Dunbar

I wasn't sure about this to start with but I quickly warmed up to the story. Admittedly, a lot of my excitement with this was the love interests and her reactions to them as an Imp, wanting to get them into bed and do naughty stuff to them a lot of the time. I'm very intrigued as to what will happen later on in this series with Gregory and also with Wyatt.


I definitely want to read the next book!

Cronin's Key

Cronin's Key - N.R. Walker


This is my fourth book by the author. Two I've loved, two not so much, including this one. It was just too much history and not enough relationship building for me so by the end when they got down to the sex part I wasn't even interested and skipped it. And sometimes that's the best bit!

I liked the idea behind it but it fell short for me. I don't think I'll be reading the next book in the series.


Greed - Fisher Amelie

I loved the first book in this series, Vain. The vain thing seemed to be the point for a lot of the book, or I think it did--its been a while since I read it. This one, the greed thing, not so much. Or at least not in Spencer's case. At the start sure, he wanted whatever money he could get, whether he liked the means in which he earned it or not. But by the quarter point that wasn't the case anymore. He'd changed.

I don't know if I find either book particularly true to life, at least here in England, but they managed to capture my attention. Vain more so than this one, anyway. It just didn't quite go as I expected. I was expecting greed to be the main focus of the book and it wasn't. Spencer went from being a bit of an arse to this really nice, always thinking of others (mainly Cricket) guy, which was a total 180 to how he was before and I was surprised.

I've also just seen the advert for Fury and Ethan from this is him/it. Should be interesting.

Strobe Edge Volume 10

— feeling happy
Strobe Edge 10 - Io Sakisaka

We finally got our happy ending!! Woohoo!! It took long enough but we got their in the end :D

Strobe Edge Volume 9

Strobe Edge, Vol. 9 - Io Sakisaka

Argh!!! It was just about to get really good and then it just ended! Definitely off to read the last volume in a second for the confessions galore

Strobe Edge Volume 8

Strobe Edge, Vol. 8 - Io Sakisaka

As much as I like this series, I am now very impatiently waiting for Ren to admit his feelings to Ninako. Everyone now pretty much knows your feelings for her, apart from her, so please hurry up about it!


I'll be starting volume 9 later when I get in from work.

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