Greed - Fisher Amelie

I loved the first book in this series, Vain. The vain thing seemed to be the point for a lot of the book, or I think it did--its been a while since I read it. This one, the greed thing, not so much. Or at least not in Spencer's case. At the start sure, he wanted whatever money he could get, whether he liked the means in which he earned it or not. But by the quarter point that wasn't the case anymore. He'd changed.

I don't know if I find either book particularly true to life, at least here in England, but they managed to capture my attention. Vain more so than this one, anyway. It just didn't quite go as I expected. I was expecting greed to be the main focus of the book and it wasn't. Spencer went from being a bit of an arse to this really nice, always thinking of others (mainly Cricket) guy, which was a total 180 to how he was before and I was surprised.

I've also just seen the advert for Fury and Ethan from this is him/it. Should be interesting.