Before I Go to Sleep

Before I Go To Sleep - S J Watson

For the first 290-odd pages I was going to give it a 2 or 3 star because although she'd been remembering new things every day with the help of her diary entries, I can't say that much story altering things had happened to Christine.


But then those last 80 pages or so! Those 80 pages certainly made it four star worthy for me. Was not quite expecting that to be the truth of it but it certainly made it exciting after some of the quite repetitive things that happened in the book.


I knew something was a little iffy somewhere, I just wasn't expecting <b>that!</b> I wish I could go into more detail but it would totally ruin the story for those of you wanting to read it so I'll have to be very vague I'm afraid.


Very imaginative and really good for a debut story!