Vicious Circle

Vicious Circle (Persephone Alcmedi Series #1) - Linda Robertson

DNF @ 30%


I wasn't entirely sure if I wanted to read this, if I'm honest, but since it was on Scribd I thought "why not?" and started it.


Unfortunately it didn't grab my attention straight away. In fact, in the thirty per cent that I read, I was kinda bored. Okay we'd met several characters and knew that Persephone had bitten off more than she could chew but it was moving far too slow for me.


For me the best bit was Johnny. I can't quite picture him with all his tattoos and piercings, facially, but he sounds like quite a cool guy and maybe if Seph had shown a little more interest in him and taken him up on his offer of help (before I fully lost interest) then I might have been able to continue the story.


Not for me.