Virtuosity - Jessica Martinez

Erm...where to start?


Well, when I bought this I didn't realise it was about classical music, the synopsis was very vague but I guess the "prestigious Guarneri music prize" should have given it away. Classical is not my favourite genre of music so hearing them talking about all these famous pieces of music and composers just flew right over my head. I wasn't even tempted to listen, unlike in some other books I've read.


Then the romance. I can't say I felt it. It was two, maybe three, maybe even four, dates where they spent probably 24 hours together in total and they're in love all of a sudden. Nah, I didn't buy it.


The best bit for me was probably the chapter before the end where Carmen stands up to her controlling mother and her actions.


It was an easy read since it isn't very descriptive but it didn't do it for me.