Forever: Book One of The Abandoned - Eric Marier

Where to start...?


I'll start with Kate. I wasn't her biggest fan. As Hain described her she was just a "spoilt brat" and I have to agree. I'll admit that she started to mellow the further we got through the book but not much. Yeah, I get that being told you've been reincarnated for the past god knows how long would be hard to accept but to be such a bitch to everyone?


As for Kev, he seemed to be a bad boy but he was doing his best to get out of that lifestyle and I liked him for that.


The storyline was interesting. It kept me reading, which is always a good thing. I was thrown off by her not having that mark but that bit at the end...a nice revelation that has me intrigued enough to want to continue this series.


One thing that did wind me up a little. The fact that Kate could say "f*ck" but would use every other word possible for the word "sh*t", such as "faeces" and "excrement". I didn't understand that at all.