Dark Soul Vol. 3

Dark Soul Vol. 3 - Aleksandr Voinov

2.5 stars.


Dark Lady I: 3 star
Dark Lady II: 4 star
Dark Brother: 1 star


Dark Lady I, I was equally annoyed that I had to read about Silvio having sex with someone else and fascinated about the way he went about it all. There was a reason behind it all but...I still don't really want to be reading it.


Dark Lady II, I really enjoyed because, hopeless romantic that I am, it was about Silvio and Stefano and them getting closer.


Dark Brother, well, I know Silvio's a little strange in his sex life, but really?

Your own brother? What the hell?! I didn't even read it, just skipped to the next morning

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I must admit that though this was my least favourite volume so far that I am still intrigued

and wanting some sort of happy ending for these two so I will continue reading to see how it all plays out.