Seven Years

Seven Years - Dannika Dark

Reading this has cemented in my mind the fact that shapeshifters are not one of my favourite creatures to read about. They now join the fey in my "read with caution" mindset.


There were parts of this I liked:


Denver and his behaviour towards the little girl (whose name I've forgotten already :/ ).
Austin when he was going all hot and bothered/full on sexy with Lexi (which didn't happen all that often for my liking).
The first meeting between Reno and April.


And then there were bits I wasn't so keen on:


The added side story of Lexi's dad, I know there was a reasoning behind him being in it but I wasn't interested in that bit at all.
Lexi's job at the sweet shop. Was it necessary? I know that April needed an introduction but we seemed to spend quite a lot of time there.
The added in-between-anything-happening bits that you learnt nothing and seemed to drag. I want action in my stories and there was hardly any in this.


From that meeting mentioned above, I must admit that I'm interested in reading the next book in the series, and for two reasons. One, Reno intrigues me. And two, April seems so shy that I'd love to see how she'd react to Reno pursuing her.