Puddle Jumping

Puddle Jumping - Amber L.  Johnson

4.5 stars.


I'll start by saying that the only reason I read this was because of this reading list on BookLikes: http://booklikes.com/apps/reading-lists/146/books-to-fall-in-love-with


And let me tell you I'm glad I did because this was an awesome story of romance between a girl and a boy and how they deal with Asperger's. It wasn't told traditionally, it was told from Lilly's memories and it was amazing reading, seeing how she went about trying to make Colton fit in and be seen as normal.


I'll admit I cried for a good portion of the book near the end and up to the Epilogue I wasn't sure about how it was going to end. Luckily there was a HEA or I would have had to mark it down a few stars for breaking my heart.


Really good story.