Fall of Night

Fall of Night (Morganville Vampires, #14) - Rachel Caine

As I've said from the start: This isn't my favourite series ever. BUT I have to admit that the books are easy to read and they can be quite addictive once you start reading.

When I read what was going to happen in this it kinda put me off. How can you leave Morganville and still be in the series? How am I supposed to cope without my favourite characters?

It turned out that I didn't have to worry at all. Many of my favourites turned up and it was still quite action packed.

The ending has left me all jittery as I know the next book is the last book EVER in this series and I'm intrigued as to why Hannah has just done what she has.

Luckily I have the last book and will be starting it as soon as I post this. :)