Going Too Far

Going Too Far - Jennifer Echols

This is my second book by Jennifer Echols and I liked this one more than the other, The One That I Want.


I was captivated by this from more or less the first page. As soon as the cop (John) was introduced I was pulled in hook, line and sinker, and God, was it good!


I started this last night, a couple of hours after getting back from my holiday abroad and despite the 8/9 hours traveling time and very little sleep from the night before, I was instantly drawn into it and would not put it down, even taking my laptop to bed with me so I could carry on, getting to half way through before sleep got the better of me. I started it again as soon as I got up this morning and finished it a little while ago.


I will happily read more of the authors work if they're all like this :D