Return to Paradise

Return to Paradise - Simone Elkeles

Meh...I guess I was expecting more romance and a grovelling Caleb after the way he left her in the last one and we didn't really get that. No it was all arguments and then apologies and then more arguments.


If I'm honest I was going to give it two stars up until the epilogue, and then one bit bumped it up half a star or so because Caleb from Leaving Paradise appeared and made good on something he said in the first.


As for some of the other characters. They really grew on me, Lenny definitely had by the end after some of the stupid things he'd said and done in the first part of the book. Julio wasn't such a bad guy. Kendra...huh.

Leah did the right thing. Lou and Maggie's mum getting together was nice.

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I wasn't all together impressed with this but there were some quite sweet bits and some rather hot bits that made it worthwhile if you want to read how Maggie and Caleb's story ends.