Fifteen Shades of Gay (for Pay)

Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay) - T. Baggins

Probably a 3.5 rating because of the Paresh and Sven stuff. I'm not quite sure what that had to do with anything other than Andrew being an escort for them.


As for Cormac, I really, really liked him. From right at the beginning when they met and went to the Irish bar and drank Guinness :S I loved reading about their budding romance though at times I would have liked to have read more of them getting together whether they lived on opposite coasts or not, I'm just soppy like that. He drove me mad at one bit, when he was more or less ambushed at the airport but he did the right thing in the end, so I'm not holding too much of a grudge against him.


Marie... *sigh* Poor Marie. One tear escaped me near the end. You were fun and I can imagine what you'd have been like healthy.


I liked it and would be interested in reading more books by the author.