Wither - Lauren DeStefano

This book has an interesting concept: In a future world, something has gone wrong genetics wise and people die young. Girls at 20 and boys at 25, unless you're born a first generation in which you case you live like us now. I was intrigued as to where the storyline was going to go.


And it didn't really go anywhere in truth.


They're trying to find a cure and in the process men marry several girls at a time to reproduce so that they may find a cure eventually and live full length lives.


I'll admit that Linden made me a little sick at one point in the book, in my opinion Cecily was way too young, but later on we learn that he's rather innocent in regards to the outside world.


As for the wives. Well, Cecily did my head in to start with. She was so young but trying to be so mature and it didn't work for me but by the end she'd grown on me a fair bit. Jenna... *sighs* she was pretty cool and I really liked her, from beginning to end. And then Rhine. She knew the game she had to play to survive and she did what was necessary.


I'm not too sure at the minute whether I'm bothered enough to carry on with the series.