Web of Lies

Web of Lies - Jennifer Estep

As a romance reader, I love any hint of romance between the characters in books and in this, after what happened between Gin and Donovan in the first book, my hopes soared. But with it being Urban Fantasy, romance isn't really a major plotline in it.


The more I read the more I understood that things probably weren't going to work out well between these two. A (semi) retired assassin and the only un-crooked cop in the force? Hmm...


But lo and behold we have a new love interest! So I'm still pretty happy.


As for the rest of the story, I got dragged into it. I really wanted Gin to kick everyone's arses and come out on top and although it got a little dicey in places she did!


I'm off to start book 3 to read what she's going to get up to next (and hopefully she'll get a little hot and heavy with the new guy!)