Jordyn (A Daemon Hunter Novel, #1) - Tiffany King

DNF @ 25%. Maybe that was a little soon to DNF, but I'd been struggling with it for the last 15% or so.


I liked the beginning, how she went after the demons and just being within metres of her makes them combust. And Emrys' introduction was kinda fun.


I think it was just everything else. We didn't seem to get much information on anything else though, or I was having that much trouble with the style and plot that it just didn't register, and I just lost interest.


I found Jordyn quite annoying/immature and Emrys wasn't really in it that much for me to get an opinion on him...


Admittedly it was a freebie and had been on my kindle for a long time...and I only really tried to read it now as part of an a-z challenge in one of my groups.


It just wasn't really up my alley at all.