On the Edge

On the Edge  - Ilona Andrews

Admittedly fantasy books aren't my favourite (neither are books over 400pgs) and this took me a little time to get into. It was probably about the time Declan was properly introduced that my interest was piqued. At the same time though, I was still struggling with the story. I'd say it was from about a third of the way in when it started to grow on me, as did Declan.

It had an interesting concept with the two linked worlds--one fantasy-esque with nobles and the likes and the other a lot like the world now--with a thin strip known as The Edge linking them together.

I didn't always understand what was happening, especially at the beginning, but it was explained in more detail the more I read of the book.

This is my second book by the author and I think I might read more of her Kate Daniels series since I prefer more paranormal romance/urban fantasy books than just normal fantasy.