Backward Compatible

Backward Compatible: A Geek Love Story - 'Sarah Daltry',  'Pete Clark'

I've always liked playing games on the various platforms, some I was better at than others, some I enjoyed more than others, so the chance to read a romance between two gamers was quite fun.


The references they bandied about were fun at times and at others I had no ideas what they were talking about so maybe I'm not as big a geek as this gang of friends. But the banter was fun nonetheless.


I liked the romance aspect, how it sort of grew slowly and then because they weren't used to being in a relationship, they didn't know what they were to each other: friends, boyfriend/girlfriend...they figured it out after a while though.


The side story--or maybe it was the main story--of the game, didn't interest me as much but when it got to its ending, I thought the outcome was quite funny. All that