Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure (A Nice Guys Novel Book 2) - Kindle Alexander

Ooh, book 3's gonna be Aaron and Kreed!


Anyway, back to this. I'll give it 3.5 stars.


I loved Mitch, I liked Cody, I just wasn't so keen on the case--I know it carried on from the first book and that I should have wanted to know who wanted to hurt Jace and Cole but I didn't get into that aspect. Hence the 3.5 rating.


The author has this way of writing really hot scenes between her characters and Mitch was one of hell of a bad-arse and I loved him in this. Cody grew on me, too, after those first few hesitant chapters. I also grew to like Kreed and Aaron so their story will definitely be being read and hopefully this case will get fully wrapped up in that one.


P.S. Look at that cover!!