The Love of Wicked Men

The Love of Wicked Men - Brandon Shire

1.5 stars, mainly due to the fact that I had no idea what was going on.


It started off fairly normal but I quickly lost track of the plot, with the lawyer-y guy picking up prostitutes and sleeping with most things male. I had no idea if that was part of his investigation or he just liked to get laid.


Then the other guy and his following said lawyer. I was really confused by that bit. Wasn't he supposed to be a criminal? He wasn't acting criminal-y at all. And then that bit at the end just really confused me.


I was completely stumped. I don't know if I missed bits--huge chunks of this short story!!--or it just didn't sink in, what was happening, but it's fair to say I had absolutely no idea.


I won't be continuing this serial.