Transcendence - Shay Savage

*This review may contain spoilers*


DNF @ 54%


I looked forward to reading this story for a while after seeing all the reviews by friends on here and when I finally got round to it a few weeks ago--yes, I said WEEKS!--I fell into the story.


Ehd seemed fairly clever mind wise, he knew names for things and had a good internal dialogue. He met Be(t)h fairly quickly, her appearing in his trap out of nowhere.

It was then I noticed a lack of dialogue between out characters. Beh talked, Ehd didn't understand. (Maybe I should point out that if a story is long, or is going through a patch of info overload, that I look for the next section of dialogue and continue from there.) There was no dialogue! Apart from the "name sound" as Ehd calls them and even they weren't said all that often. Add in Ehd's continual want to "put a baby in her" I was getting pretty fed up.


Life as a cave-man came across as being very boring and despite Beh's love of creating things out of clay and talking to a man who doesn't understand--which means we don't know what's she's saying either--then I lost interest very quickly.


My interest petered off at about the 45% mark but then I kept forcing myself to come back, to read a page or two now and then to see if it could redeem itself in my eyes, and unfortunately after skimming through the next 10% or so I just decided to give up, hence my DNF.


I may have to avoid cave-men stories from now on.