Damsel Distressed

Damsel Distressed - Kelsey Macke

This book turned out quite nice. It's almost inspirational for the bigger girl (which I am). How Gen overcame all the struggles she'd faced in her life. I've been feeling all of her highs and lows with her because I think she's going through something we all face but hers has been harder with her finding it hard to deal with the death of her mother.


I could tell that there were feelings of more than friendship between Grant and Gen, and he was a really great friend to her, as were the rest of the group, even Andrew when we finally got to know him.


I also liked Evelyn, she tried her best to make Gen feel like part of the family after Gen's dad married her and she grew on me a lot throughout the story.


Admittedly I was only going to give it four stars but I think the amount of times I cried or nearly did means it got to me, so I bumped it up half a star.


A nice big-girl romance.