Flashes - Tim O'Rourke

This is something like my sixth/seventh, maybe even eighth, book by the author and I've liked some more than others.


He always writes different stories, stuff I've never seen or read before, and blends paranormal, a bit of horror/gruesomeness and a splash of romance. His books tend to be very English in language and setting, and being from England and reading most books set in America, they're a nice change.


Now for the story. I had an inkling as to who it might be from about the 60-70% mark. Things just started to add up.

Child crying. Mum being dead. It suddenly clicked

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so I wasn't too surprised by who was behind it but the lengths he was going to go to was quite disturbing.



It was a good story as usual but because I kinda figured out the bad guy before it was revealed at the end it wasn't quite as good as some of Tim's other works which keep you guessing.