The Sun in her Eyes

The Sun in Her Eyes - Paige Toon

This is my third or fourth book by the author and I have to admit my least favourite. I even liked Thirteen Weddings better and that didn't even have the ending I wanted but the story and characters got to me more.


I can't say I felt anything for Amber, maybe the fact that she was already married from the start and in a somewhat good marriage with Ned made me a little uncomfortable with what was going on with Ethan. If Ned hadn't been in the picture I would have been all over the Ethan and Amber storyline. Revisiting first-loves is fine by me, but not necessarily when you're quite happily married. If she'd been unhappy, sure.


As for the letter that Doris sent her asking to meet so she could hear the message her mum wanted to give her, I was a little, make that a lot disappointed by that. I was expecting some big secret or something...


Despite not enjoying this as much as the others it has made me want to go on a Paige Toon book binge so I've hunted out all the ones I have but not read yet and will be reading Pictures of Lily first before moving onto Lucy in the Sky, One Perfect Summer, The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson and The Longest Holiday