Pictures of Lily

Pictures of Lily - Paige Toon

I really liked this!


Like Paige's latest book, The Sun in her Eyes, this too focuses on first loves but we actually read it happen so we fall for Ben at the same time. There's an age difference between them but for the ten years later bit it isn't as much of a problem. But what's to happen when Lily is already with someone else?


One thing I really like about these books is that Paige interlinks the books in various ways with characters that were main ones in previous books becoming secondary in later books e.g. Josh from this is one of the secondary characters in The Sun in her Eyes, and Lily from this is the main character in Lucy in the Sky. Everyone's favourite band is Fence, which is Johnny Jefferson's--from Johnny be Good's--band.


Now I'm going to be good with my reading marathon of Paige Toon's books and start reading them in order but first I'll have to read Lucy in the Sky since it was the first book she ever wrote and I've already read books 2 (Johnny Be Good), 3 (Chasing Daisy), 4 (Pictures of Lily)--this one--and 5 (Baby Be Mine)