Lennon's Jinx

Lennon's Jinx - Chris  Myers

Once again I was undecided on what book to read next so I Random Number Generator'd it and got #69--which may turn out ironic with this book.

I think this will have to be a 2.5 rating.


The beginning took me a while to get into, the style seemed to be all over the place during the party and I had no idea what the hell was going on. It seemed to me like we were just dropped right in the middle of it all.


Then by about the 10-15% mark, I'd been dragged into it, the story had settled in a bit by then and I was getting used to the style but I still didn't quite understand Lennon (poor bugger name wise, both him and his little sister Currie). Why was he the way he was?


The really low simmer thing he had going with Jinx sorta kept me reading but I didn't really feel it until about the 80% mark.


There were some really dark/sad elements to this story, and in a way it depressed me. The last 10% had me in floods of tears. I don't mind crying but it's generally due to my emotional attachment to a couple and them splitting up for whatever reason before working it out and getting back together.

Not because of a 9 years old death

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I've looked at the rest of the trilogy and after getting invested in Lennon and Jinx's story, I'm not sure I want to read them.