Weak for Him

Weak for Him - Lyra Parish

I was so undecided on how to rate this...4 star?...5 star? So I'll settle for 4.5 stars. Maybe it's the whole obsession I have with books associated with the sex industry--escorts, prostitutes, strippers, porn stars. I just like to read them finding romance with someone who can crack their cold interiors.


And that is pretty much what happened in this. You could see that there was something between Jennifer and Finnley, some spark that could become great if they both gave in. But nope. Not that simple. Finnley had the whole I-won't-(not can't)-have-you-but-no-one-else-can-either thing going on, which I must say is totally unfair to Jennifer.


That being said, the way he paraded around his conquests at times I wanted to smack him and don't blame Jennifer for trying to find love somewhere else.


The continuous back and forth between Finn and Jennifer was at times annoying and at others  I melted a little towards him. This was definitely a couple I got emotionally involved with.


That epilogue was very insightful and I am so glad that the author wrote it. It added an extra element to see it all from Finn's eyes.


I am very interested in reading the rest of the series.