One Perfect Summer

— feeling dead
One Perfect Summer - Paige Toon

This is my first 2 star rating for a Paige Toon book. I'm a big fan but I struggled to get into this one, it was only about the 75% mark that it started to really grab my attention and then it was full steam ahead.


Joe was great--I've noticed that she likes to write books about first loves and meeting them again years later. This must be the 3rd/4th I've read with that sort of storyline--and I liked the beginning where they spent a lot of time together. It was a little dark in places--Joe's brother--but also sweet at times.


I have to say that I think this book dragged a lot in the middle. There was a lot of bits that were irrelevant as far as I'm concerned, and that was probably why it's taken me so long to read.


Then we meet Lukas. He seems pretty normal to start with but the more of him we see the more controlling and demanding he became and I just wanted to scream at Alice. What was she doing?!


The ending was a little vague of names but it had to be Joe that she met. It had to be!