Kade's Dark Embrace

— feeling bad egg
Kade's Dark Embrace - Kym Grosso

DNF @ 25%. 1 star seems a little mean but I didn't like it.


Admittedly, I'm in a bit of a slump where paranormal books are concerned and I'm struggling to get into favourite series' such as The King, Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 12! It's almost blasphemy to myself.


That being said the plot sounded right up my street for this. I think it was just the way it was written that made me give it up. I like my characters to be monogamous--if that's the right term. I'm guessing something's going to happen with Kade so why do I have to read about her having sex with her "loupe"? I'm not a fan of that. And then as I mentioned above the style didn't sit right with me, it wasn't gripping me and pulling me into the story. I found it awkward and considering it isn't the longest book, to see that I was only a quarter way in after three full days when, if it had grabbed my attention, I'd have finished it by now.


Not really my sort of thing.